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Bad News- Game Review

Bad News is a computer game which demonstrates how easy it is for fake news to circulate. By making all the wrong choices, one can easily face internet stardom. I believe that the intent of this game is to make those who play wary of what they read on the internet, or at least be less quick to believe every tweet they come across. Although I do not think internet stardom is quite as easy to maintain as this game portrays, it is still achievable by those with negative intentions. I liked that this game offers memes as a form of communicating fake news because it is an accurate portrayal of how we communicate. However, I felt that the memes could have been stronger and slightly more realistic. If the meme/ news is too fake, you are lessening your chances of people believing it. Before this game, I perceived fake news to be something only someone in a position of power could promote however, this is not the case. Anyone can spread fake news. If interested in playing this game and testing your ability to spread fake news, click here.

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